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Robotic Rehabilitation

Alter G Anti-Gravity Walking Platform

Once the immobility is caught a negative cycle that feeds itself develops. Immobility causes myolysis and weight gain, as the muscles get weaker the body gets bulky moving becomes harder. A person in this situation may bewail if only they were as light as feather. Actually, this is possible. With the development of the technology, in medical technology especially in physiotherapy and rehabilitation many different methods that can break this vicious cycle were formed. One of these methods Alter G is a method that is used to decrease gravity.

1. What is Alter G, how it functions?

In advanced Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers Alter G which was inspired from the technology used by NASA that can deactivate gravity is used. In neurological and musculoskeletal system disorders, by deactivating gravity it minimizes the weight that is loaded to the joint and ensures a comfortable and painless movement possibility and it supports muscle strengthening, muscle endurance obtainment, and body coordination.


Alter G, with the anti-gravity walking environment that is developed with NASA technology, is sometimes referred to as the “spacewalk” or “moonwalk” device among patients and relatives.


While the weight felt by the patients can be reduced up to %80, as the patients show recovery and improvement the weight that is given to their feet is reduced gradually. Patients can switch to full weight when their movement capabilities are convenient.

2. For which deceases’ treatment Alter G is used?

  • Stroke, traumatic brain damage, incomplete spinal cord injury, Parkinson disease, cerebral palsy, and many other neurologic problems. In a safe environment without the risk of falling, the person can perform functional activities like standing and walking with many repetitions.
  • Orthopedic Disorders
  • Obesity and Chronic Disorders
  • It can be used in diseases like diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, obesity.

It decreases the hardening effects of condition deficiency, obesity, or other limiting factors to start to practice. The person experiences how it feels to be healthy. It enables the making of a training program in which the weight is increased gradually in order to reach the long-term targets.


Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar

Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Algology and Electrodiagnostic Neurology.

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