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Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar

Prof. Dr. Engin ÇAKAR was born in 1975. Çakar, graduated from the Gülhane Military Medical Academy in 1999 and completed his specialty education of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in 2005. Çakar completed Master of Science in Electrodiagnostic Neurology in Marmara University and has taken the title of Specialist in the area of Algology in 2011.


Prof. Dr. Engin ÇAKAR, has more than 20 years of experience in the rehabilitation of Stroke and Brain Injury. He continues his profession as the Chair of Stroke and Brain Injury Robotic Rehabilitation Center at Şişli Memorial Hospital.


Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Algology and Electrodiagnostic Neurology.

Memorial Şişli Hospital


Medipol Mega University Hospital

2012 – 2016

GATA Haydarpaşa Training Hospital

2002 – 2012

Areas of Specialty

Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar was a member of the Turkish Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation between the years 2016-2019. He is currently the chair of “Brain Stimulation and Neurorestoration Working Group”.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar has specialized particularly in the areas of early stage physical therapy and rehabilitation, robotic rehabilitation and TMS regarding the treatment of Stroke.

Neurological Rehabilitation

His special areas of interest are primarily the Stroke Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation After Brain Injury and Rehabilitation After Brain Tumour in the area of Neurological Rehabilitation.

Treatment of Pain

In the treatment of pain, especially in knee diseases, innovative treatments such as PRP and Stem Cell and the treatment of joint and spine pain are the subjects that he works intensively.


Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar became an Associate Professor in 2011 and Professor in 2016.

He has completed his medical faculty education in Gulhane Military Medical Academy in 1999.
He has completed his medical specialty education in GATA Haydarpaşa Training Hospital.

He has completed his master’s degree in Electrodiagnostic Neurology at Marmara University Health Sciences Institute.


He has written his master thesis by using the methods of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS, stimulation of brain with magnetic field) with EMG. In his thesis, he has worked on the treatment of stroke via brain stimulation with magnetic field. 

He has also had education on TMS and stimulation with direct Transcranial current- TDCS (stimulation of brain with magnetic field and direct current) in Harvard University in USA.

Scientific Memberships


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  • “Stroke and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation”. Days of Prof. Dr. Aziz Sevütekin- Symposium of Stroke and Its Rehabilitation (Ankara, 2010).
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