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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

  • On this site which is launched by the domain name (hereby shall be named the site) which does not have any commercial concern, there is informative content about general medical knowledge and methods used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics specifically in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation with the aim of enlightening its visitors.


  • Information on this site does not in any way stands for diagnosis, treatment, or identification, and for these, people must consult a doctor who is a specialist in the field. Information on the site does not substitute for any medical service or examination. While the information on the site is not suitable for every patient it is not a treatment guide.


  • The content of this site does not aim to give diagnosis, treatment, or identification. All the responsibilities that arise from the usage of the content of this site with such aim belong to the visitor; it is assumed that the ones who visit this site accepted this warning.


  • Informative content on this site is based on scientific sources. The owner of this site does not accept any responsibility for the practiced treatments based on the information given here. Information given here cannot be a guide or foundation for a medical practice, treatment, or operation.


  • The owner of the site is not responsible for the attempts people who are not competent make based on the information here and for the grievance that can arise due to misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the information on this site.


  • All the information, comments, and pictures on this site are posted to inform the people and do not in any way have the aim of advertising, diagnosis, and guidance to treatment. Besides no commercials are posted on this site.


  • Some brands and products had to be mentioned in the content when it was necessary. Such mentions were made with all the alternatives and made only where they were necessary, and do not have the aim of promoting and advising.


  • There are no partnerships or sponsorship with any company mentioned on the site. On the site, while informing about all physiotherapy practices and medical devices, information about the alternatives of those practices’, operations’ or medical devices’ was also tried to be given.


  • Although all the articles are frequently updated and information about all other alternatives is given, it can’t be guaranteed that the information is completely up to date and complete. Regarding the questions, visitors ask online/offline or via e-mail, the answers are given in the general sense. While no medicine recommendations that can take place of a prescription are made, no drug names are given too. The site content is tried to be constantly updated yet it is not guaranteed that any article on this site is complete and up to date. To have a broader sense of any subject on the site you must consult a specialist doctor.


  • Information, ideas, and practices on this site can change in parallel with scientific developments. Because the information on this site cannot be updated every day the information must be checked by the visitors by consulting their doctor.


  • All rights of this site which belongs to Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar are reserved. While no text or image that belongs to the site can be used without permission, Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar cannot be held responsible for the usage of copies. In case of usage of text or image without permission, legal action will be taken by Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar.


  • Visitors of the site are assumed that they have read, understood, and accepted what is written above, as they start using the site.

Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar

Prof. Dr. Engin Çakar has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Algology and Electrodiagnostic Neurology.

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